If you have a heart to help and want to donate your time, energy and sewing machine to help make the quilts for kids, we'd love to have you join our Heart Builders team.

What is a Heart Builder?

Our Heart Builders are volunteers from all across the US who each play a role in getting a quilt from start to finish.

What is the role of a Heart Builder?

We have two roles that we are currently looking to fulfill within the U.S. only -
Quilt top Makers & Finishers (domestic machine, mid-arm or long arm machines) .

What do I have to pay for?

As a Top Maker - we ship you a bundle of fabric (typically 2-2.5 yards) and we cover the cost of postage to you.
We ask that you cover the return shipping back to us. We will provide you with a Priority Mail shipping envelope with your kit, if you choose to use it.

As a Finisher, we will cover the cost both ways. We'll reimburse you exact postage cost for the return shipping once you have dropped the quilts in the mail back to us.

Do you have a waiting list?

We currently have a waiting list of a few months specifically for our Top Makers to get fabric.
We have over 200+ Top Makers and our 20% does not provide enough to cover every member every month.
Please know our heart is to get everyone a kit in a reasonable amount of time, but we do move down the list in order of applications, when selecting that month's kits.

What is your process?

Our process is super simple and outlined below:


Click HERE to apply to join our team. It takes a few minutes and helps us get an idea of your skills
- Top maker or Finisher.


We typically respond within 2 weeks letting you know your status. Once you get approval, we'll update you the status of the next set of shipments.


When you get your package (a top to make or quilts to finish), we ask you complete it and return it to us within 4-6 weeks time.