Hi there, Ambassador! Congratulations on getting this far and getting chosen to be part of our Ambassador program.

We are super thankful for your heart to be involved with us and we can't wait to see what you make with your box!

I wanted to give a quick refresher of what exactly we're looking for as an Ambassador:

1. Your free Mega Stash Builder Box will ship on the 15th of the month and we ask that you post an unboxing photo or video on Instagram once it arrives to show off your goodies! Each month, we'll pick a different fabric collection & everyone will get different prints from the collection (and different thread colors) so we want to see what you get!

For this unboxing, we would love photos with great lighting and remove unnecessary items from the background.

Side note: IG stories can be done in *addition to*, but not in place of one of the unboxing photo/video.

2. We will give you a unique tracking discount code that you can share with your followers that will give them $3 off. The box you have won't be available anymore but they're welcomed to go check out what we offer and get in for the next month. When posting to Instagram, please use both #sbbambassadors AND #iheartsbb, tagging us in the photo itself too.

3. We ask that you make and post a completed project by the 5th of the month (typically 2 weeks after boxes arrive), it can be any project of your choice and you are more than free to post any WIP photos as it comes together! Please tag us & use both hashtags above when you post your projects ;)

4. We love to see your personality shine in your project! You are free to make any creative project of your choice -- however we ask that you specifically only use the fabrics from that month's box combined only with solids.

5. Have fun!! The goal of this Ambassador program isn't to put any crazy deadlines on anybody but to make it fun and be able to create & show off final projects (while building your stash)!

Side note: By joining our Ambassador program, you are agreeing to keep your IG profile public while you are an Ambassador & you are giving us permission to repost the photos that you post.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to me, Amanda, via email - hello@stashbuilderbox.com - anytime!